What Is Food Fortification?

Food fortification is a crucial strategy employed to address and prevent nutrient deficiencies in populations worldwide. This proactive approach involves adding essential vitamins and minerals to foods during processing to enhance their nutritional value and contribute to public health outcomes. By fortifying staple foods such as flour, rice, salt, and edible oils, fortified products become accessible and affordable sources of essential nutrients for diverse populations.

Why Fortification?

  • Addressing global nutrient deficiencies / malnutrition
  • Improving public health
  • Reducing disease risks
  • Enhancing nutritional intake for all populations
  • Cost-effective delivery through existing food systems
  • Targeting at-risk groups like pregnant women and children
  • Sustainable solution for long-term health benefits

To meet this crucial requirement of nutrients in foods our brand Vitadiet provides customized premixes of desired vitamin and minerals in one single, efficient, homogenous blend for various applications. Our tailor-made premixes are designed to fortify your product and make it better. We not only, meet customer needs and preferences but also address nutrition, regulatory, safety and technical constraints.

Fortifying wheat flour with Fortifying wheat flour with vital micronutrients like iron, folic acid, and vitamin B-12 addresses deficiencies and enhances overall health. This cost-effective method combats nutritional anaemia and other deficiencies across all age groups. Micronutrients play critical roles in metabolic processes, cognitive development and supporting growth in active individuals. National and international organizations advocate for daily micronutrient intake to improve overall health, implementing fortification initiatives effectively.

Fortifying wheat flour enhances public health, provides essential nutrients, and prevents deficiencies. It offsets nutrient losses during milling and aids in anaemia prevention. Fortified wheat flour per FSSAI recommendations offers one-third of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of essential vitamins and minerals. The process involves incorporating premix into wheat flour during milling, with a premix feeder ensuring precise dispensing and a blender ensuring uniform blending of micronutrients.

Milk fortification involves the addition of essential vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamins A and D, to milk during processing to compensate for nutrients lost, particularly when milk fat is removed.

In India, where both young children and adults, especially in urban areas, face high burdens of Vitamin A and D deficiencies due to limited sunlight exposure and physical activity, fortifying milk is a crucial strategy.

As milk is a staple consumed by all population groups, fortification serves as a practical approach to combatting micronutrient malnutrition, ensuring that individuals receive adequate levels of these essential nutrients for overall health and well-being.

Fortification of edible oils with vitamins A and D presents a promising strategy to address widespread micronutrient deficiencies in India. With edible oils being a staple in 99% of households, fortification offers a practical means to enhance access to fat-soluble vitamins among the population. This approach is both technically and economically feasible, constituting a successful model for public health intervention.

In a country where multiple micronutrient deficiencies persist as significant public health challenges, the inclusion of vitamins A and D in cooking oil holds particular importance. Over 57% of children suffer from vitamin A deficiency, while a substantial portion of pregnant women and newborns experience inadequate levels of vitamin D. Recognized for their roles in mitigating the risk of various chronic diseases, including cancers and diabetes, these vitamins underscore the urgency for intervention. By fortifying edible oils, individuals can readily obtain 25%-30% of the recommended dietary allowances for vitamins A and D, thereby offering a tangible solution to combatting micronutrient malnutrition.

Rice fortification is a process aimed at enhancing the nutritional value of rice by adding essential vitamins and minerals that are lost during the milling and polishing process. In India, where rice is a staple food for 65% of the population, fortifying rice is crucial to address widespread nutrient deficiencies, especially among vulnerable and poorer sections of society. The process involves pulverizing milled rice and mixing it with a premix containing vitamins and minerals like iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12. This mixture is then processed using extrusion technology to produce fortified rice kernels (FRK), which are added back to traditional rice in varying ratios. The resulting fortified rice closely resembles traditional rice in taste, texture, and aroma. This fortified rice is then distributed through government safety net programs to ensure its accessibility and regular consumption among the population, effectively addressing nutritional gaps in the diet.

RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) and RUSF (Ready-to-Use Supplementary Food) are specialized products combating severe and moderate acute malnutrition, particularly in children under five. RUTF treats severe acute malnutrition with a nutrient-dense paste, while RUSF provides supplemental nutrition to prevent and treat moderate acute malnutrition. Both are essential in nutrition interventions, especially in emergency and resource-limited settings.

We ensure micronutrients of impeccable quality and stability, meeting the stringent standards of organizations like UNICEF and WFP. Quality is paramount, especially in aiding vulnerable populations during crises. With our extensive industry experience, trust in our top-tier micronutrients and blends for cost-effective, impactful nutrition solutions. Our commitment extends to providing complete assurance of safety, reliability, and traceability in our ingredients, meeting the most rigorous industry standards.

We specialize in formulating customised vitamin and mineral premixes to meet our customers’ unique specifications and needs.

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