About Us

We began our journey as a trading company for laboratory and industrial chemicals. Starting off in 1989, ‘P D FINE CHEM’ was established and in 2005 we branched into food processing and flour correctors and founded – ‘NAVKAR BIO-CHEM’. In 2008, we decided to bring all groups, expertise and resources together under one banner, leading to the formation of India’s largest flour standardisation ingredients manufacturer P D NAVKAR BIO-CHEM PVT. LTD.

Our vision

Maximum Quality Through Innovative Technology.

Develop Novel Process & Product Solutions For Food & Flour Additives And Micronutrients & Quality Chemicals.

Our mission

To progress as a company that maintains a quality-oriented environment for its people, manifests itself through the sustained development into a world-class provider of high performance chemical solutions which offers reliability of response, service and product performance through relationship-based partnerships with all of its customers.

Management Team

Our team

Our team consists of dedicated personnel that make our company stand at par with various parameters of absolute excellence. Being the people behind the success and rise of our company, every professional belonging to the PD Navkar family is an achiever in his or her own right, putting in time and effort to deliver quality products to our customers.

  • Research & Development Team
  • Production Team
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance Team
  • Skilled labour force.
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Packaging Experts.