Infrastructure and Quality

Quality products are the direct results of state-of-the-art and reliable infrastructure. Making this our motto for the production of our products and all associated processes, our 44,000 sq.ft. factory in Bangalore is comprised of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic modern machinery, tools and gadgets. At our factory, various units come together to create products that have made a mark for themselves in an otherwise extremely competitive industry. All infrastructural & manufacturing facilities at PD Navkar adhere to standards set by GMP and ICH.

R & D

Our R & D team is the backbone of our legacy. Highly experienced and completely dedicated, our R & D experts are always working to come up with novel products and solutions. With a sophisticated lab for tests and results, every R & D specialist at PD Navkar offers a plethora of applicable ideas and suggestions to our processes and systems.


All raw materials and finished products are stored in sterile and safe conditions – we make no compromises on storage and the overall safety of our raw materials and products.


Our manufacturing units and facilities are amongst the best in the world. Staying current and upgraded, our equipment mix is comprised of:

Blending Equipment: From small batch sizes to large batch sizes, our blending equipment is our competitive advantage. Guaranteeing no cross contamination between processes, while simultaneously executing a maximum of 6 blending processes at any given point in time, this is world-class machinery owned for greater quality and versatility in production. Capacity: 60 - 2500 liters per batch

Milling Equipment: We take great pride in our milling equipment - from consistency in production to uniformity in particle sizes, the unbeatable quality of our product is owed to the state-of-art milling machinery we own. Capacity: 22,000 metric tonnes per annum

ERP systems to track products and processes from raw material to finished good stages, ensuring quality and efficiency batch by batch.

Final finished goods are passed through metal detectors, air ventilation systems, humidity controlling systems, etc. Adding more muscle to our manufacturing units are 6 independent AHUs belonging to Class 8 and Class D - the most important focus being maximised production and minimised wastage.


With products that go out to more than 24 countries worldwide, our packaging protocols have to be up to the mark at all times. Automated packaging machinery and trained staff make our centralized and error-free packaging efforts an assuring reality for all clients and customers.

We offer multiple types of packaging ranging from Kraft laminated bag, HD bag, HDPE drum, Corrugated Boxes, PP Bags, Laminated Pouches to metalized polythene bags as well as desired labeling as per your requirement. We follow the packaging standard as per ISPM15 for export Consignments. Apart from bulk packing we also offer small pack sizes at our facility and below are the packaging equipments we currently utilize:

  • Automatic Packaging m/c1.5gm
  • Automatic Packaging m/c1 Kg
  • Bulk Packaging semi automatic m/c


Our commitment to quality is as strong as our dedication to our clients. It’s what keeps them coming back and it’s what keeps us in business. It’s also what made us build a brand around who we are and not just a company.

We at PD Navkar believe in 3 pillars -Purity, Safety & Efficacy. Our Quality Control Laboratory is fully equipped to conduct Physicochemical and Chemical Testing of products.

To name a few equipment: HPLC, UV – VIS Spectrophotometer, Photoflurometer, Muffle Furnace, KF Titrator, Hot Air Oven, Stability Chamber, Flame Photometer

Our comprehensive Quality Assurance Policy lays specific emphasis on:

  • Safety assessment
  • Efficacy assessment
  • Formulation of Products with standardization and controlled procedures
  • All raw materials / finished goods are tested as per the standards (FCC/ IP/ BP/ USP) or in-house standards.